Every woman loves a fresh manicure to add a little something extra to their outfit. There are endless choices for you to choose from, from ballet slipper pink to a classic red, but how about taking a little more adventurous for your manicure? For example, subtle chic detailing to bold designs are stylish nail trends that worth-trying. That something for every woman in this season you’ll desire to have. Try these hottest nail trends below before your friends do.

1. Graphic Detail

Opt for a graphic to achieve the boldest look. You should go for contrasting colors to turn heads in your direction to choose similar shades for a more muted style

2. Hottest Nail Trends: Nude and White Minimal Detail

The subtle detailing of this nude and white design might win many women’s hearts. Keep things simple with clear polish while adding a splash of white to one or two nails will be a perfect idea for the office.

3. Pearl Detail

The best thing about the pearl nail trend is how versatile it is. Depending on how glamorous you want to go, you can stick one on each nail, or cover your nails completely. In case, you want something a little more subtle, opt for an iridescent pearl nail polish because it is a perfect alternative.

4. Zigzag Nails

Zigzag to be everywhere at the moment and considered one of many hottest nail trends in 2020, and the trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Despite it looks a bit complicated, but they are easy to recreate at home.

5. Hottest Nail Trends: Animal Print

Animal prints are one of those trends that’ll always on-trend. You might choose from classic leopard or cheetah print or even cow print. Many celebs have tried these trends and shown good results.

Now it’s time to rock the hottest nail trends this summer!

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