10 Nail Trends You’ll Want to Try This Spring 2020

In February and September, our social media feeds are overloaded with Fashion Week content. And I’m sure every that many women are obsessed with it.

nailtrends-2020 10 Nail Trends You’ll Want to Try This Spring 2020

Not only clothes, makeup but all of the nail trends that come off the runway draw many spotlights. As we’ve expected the Spring 2020 shows did not disappoint. In fact, they gave us endless ideas of manicures that are impressive and might win every women’s heart. There are many nail trends you might want to copy, from animal prints to updated French manis. If you are overwhelmed by all the show content, don’t worry, we’ve rounded u the 10 most inspo-worthy manis that will be taking the lead this season.

Don’t be hesitate, let’s get on these looks to catch up with the latest trend!

  1. Artistic Stripes

2. Rich Browns

3. Minimalist Accents

4. Creamy Hues

5. Maximalist Accents

6. Animal Prints

7. Pastel Yellow

8. Metallics

9. Pearl Tips

10. Matte Polish

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