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How to Use Coconut Oil for Dandruff

Coconut Oil for Dandruff
Coconut Oil for Dandruff

How to Use Coconut Oil for Dandruff

Dandruff is a prevalent ailment of the scalp suffered by the majority all across the world. Dandruff is one very common problem that can happen to a person of any age. Dandruff is the peeling of worn skin, in the kind of white flakes, from the scalp. The phenomena are quite similar to how our skin sheds the dead skin. However, dandruff is caused when there is an extreme presence of dead skin on the scalp. Signs of dandruff comprise of scaly, lifeless skin on the head; the scalp seems to itch with sometimes visible white or yellowish and flaky skin, hives. People often spend a lot on buying expensive products to cure the problem of dandruff. One should, however, stop spending a fortune on market products. All you need is one thing: Pure, high-quality coconut oil- an easy remedy to all. Be it hair, face or skin, the use of virgin coconut oil can render you with completely astonishing results. Coconut oil can be the one-stop solution for dealing with dandruff in hair. With the virtue of coconut oil, find the ecstasy of true beauty now.

What Causes Dandruff?

The precise conditions of dandruff are invariably linked to the following:

  • The bulk of dandruff problems happen in individuals who have dull and dehydrated skin. The scaly skin grows obvious, particularly if the climate is really intense or very humid. Individuals who have dehydrated epidermis usually show up signs of dandruff more.
  • Dandruff issues can likewise be a response to harsh hair merchandise that people often use. Individuals who continue to explore several kinds of hair products display symptoms of having dandruff.
  • An improper nutrition cycle: Every individual needs some specific quantities of nutrients that, is not contained in packaged food or synthesized food these days.
  • Fungus: Here is the common cause of dandruff. Malassezia furfur is a rot that creates dandruff and serves to increase because of the shortcomings in the creation of the natural oils that are sebum that is secreted from the scalp. This can be frequently caused by abrasive wash products and conditioners, pressure or anxiety, and extreme climatic conditions. Thus while the fungus generates the obvious symptoms of dandruff, it might itself be intensified by other conditions and contexts in your physical health.
  • Inadequate blood flow: This can occur in giving rise to dandruff. Providing the scalp with a healthy massage will spur the flow of blood and stimulate your scalp to create the appropriate amount of sebum oil.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Dandruff: What does Science Say?

Derived from the pulp of ripe Coconuts, coconut oil is abundant in fatty acids and essential vitamins. Such ingredients replenish the scalp and eliminate the accumulation of excessive oil from the glands. The coconut oil has properties that can kill bacterial growth combined with its wholesome energy, make it one of the best hair care solutions. Coconut oil has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. These features can assist in overcoming and stopping the problem of dandruff. Virgin coconut oil can seep into the hair stem and also decompose the cells of the fungi. This has the power to stop dandruff completely.

How to use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties, fatty acids, and nourishing vitamins that provide the scalp with nourishment and also removes the excess sebum. To decrease dandruff and itchiness of the scalp, combine a little quantity of camphor and coconut oil and use it. The Supreme combination of Camphor with Coconut Oil is also a fabulous tip. Camphor has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory qualities that calm your scalp from the constant irritation and resolve several hair-related issues.

Deep Conditioning with Coconut Oil

Conditioning your hair involves the techniques of moisturizing the hair intensely. With coconut oil, you can deep condition your hair is very easy and simple methods. As coconut oil can very easily penetrate the scalp deep into the hair tissues, it nourishes the hair shafts. As a result of this intense moisturizing session, dandruff will completely be eliminated. This oil massage can be done twice a week for best results. If you have less time, then do it at least once a week.

What will you be needing:

  • As per the length of your hair, take a sufficient amount of coconut oil in a bowl.
  • Take a plain towel or a shower cap
  • A comb that has broad tooth

Method to do the conditioning:

  • Just rinse your hair clean with a mild herbal with shampoo.
  • After it is all clean, detangle it with the wide-toothed comb and then start to apply the hot oil. Take some oil on the fingertips and with the fingertips in a circular motion stat to apply the oil on the scalp.
  • The method is to apply the oil first on the scalp than on the tips of the hair and then on the strands. It is the roots and the tips that are essential to focus on.
  • Once it is done, place the towel in hot water, drain it and cover the towel so that the steam created inside stays in the hair.
  • Repeat this towel steam process thrice and then cover the hair with a shower cap immediately and then stay like that for a half-hour.

If you have enough time, the oil can seep in for more hours or even overnight.

Massaging your Hair with Hot Coconut Oil

When the scalp is extremely dehydrated, Dandruff scales can grow. When you do hot oil massage on your scalp, the massage initiates more blood flow which in turn reduces dandruff. The thorough massage also expends with any stubborn dirt and grime which sticks on the scalp.


  • As per your hair length, take a sufficient amount of coconut oil in a bowl.

Method to do hot oil massage

  • Make the coconut oil warm. The temperature should be warm and not extremely burning so that your hands can help sooth and apply.
  • Soak your hands in the oil, rub in between the two palms for added warmth, and then apply.
  • Caress your scalp for 10minutes. Make sure all the parts are covered.
  • Keep it for at least 2 to 3 hours, and then you can wash it off with a shampoo.

Coconut Oil with Lemon Juice

The hair has a pH level of 3.46, and if it is less than 5, it is stated as acidic. On the other hand, the scalp has a pH level of 5.5. Now for proper healthy and nourished hair, the balance between the two is very important. Any imbalance in these Ph levels caused by the hair products people use can lead to the dryness of the scalp and also cause flaky skin called dandruff.

Coconut Oil with Lemon Juice is a great remedy for dandruff because the citric acid present in the lemon extract can balance the pH level of hair. The vitamin C in lemon has antioxidant properties, which can help protect the scalp from further rashes or any kind of infections. This blend of lemon juice with coconut is an excellent solution.


  • 4 to 5 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • Juice of 1 small lemon


Mix the oil with lemon joining the ratio 3 to 1 and 3 being the oil. Now slowly massage this concoction into your head is soft circular motion along the scalp is till the root. Make sure all the parts are covered. In this style too keep the oil for at least 2 to 3 hours, and then you can wash it off with a shampoo.

Coconut Oil and Jojoba Oil

Jojoba has anti-fungal properties that cater to the dandruff problem. One of the primary causes of dandruff can be seborrhoea dermatitis infection, which is a bigger form of dandruff. Jojoba oil can resolve this problem, and it can promote healthy hair along with hydrating the dry hair and spurs hair growth. It has anti-inflammatory properties that calm the scalp. The coconut and jojoba oil blend is ideal for managing your dandruff if you have a very dry scalp.


  • Coconut oil considerable amount
  • Jojoba oil less in proportion, like one-third of coconut oil


  • Blend the oils in a vessel and use the mixture from your roots to your tips.
  • Rub the oil into your scalp to soften all the accumulated sebum.
  • Cover the hair with a warm towel. Place the towel in hot water, drain it, and cover the towel so that the steam created inside stays in the hair.

Rosemary Oil and coconut oil

Rosemary oil has been reported to further decrease dandruff due to its antifungal properties. It also has anti-inflammatory properties as well as an antioxidant. These features can shield your scalp from harm and relieve any kind of itching sensations. When coconut oil is mixed with rosemary oil, it is the ideal solvent for managing dandruff that has been creating stress and infection from scraping.


  • Take 3 to 4 big tablespoons of coconut oil
  • Add 4 to 5 drops of this essential oil


  • Make the mixture of r coconut oil with rosemary essential oil to it.
  • Soak your hands in the oil, rub in between the two palms for added warmth, and then apply.
  • Now slowly massage this concoction into your head is soft circular motion along the scalp is till the root.
  • Keep it overnight for the best results.
  • So here are 5 great ways through which you can get away with the problem of alleviating with dandruff. Choose your favorite oil and combine it with it and apply it.

Side Effects of Coconut Oil

Although applying coconut oil is completely safe, there may be a fraction of people who are intolerant or allergic to coconut oil. In such a case, the topical application of oil is not recommended. If you are, applying coconut oil to your hair can have adverse effects. Some commercial coconut oil might have some skin irritation, so it is advised that one uses pure virgin coconut oil for the best results.


A little quantity of coconut oil can improve your scalp to hold moisture better and can assist you with a dandruff problem. This certainly is one miracle oil that can impactful work on the dandruff related problem and also makes the hair healthy and nourished from within. With the ways as mentioned earlier, if you apply coconut oil, you will receive the best possible benefit. Be a proud flaunter of gorgeous locks like never before.



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