How to Create the Perfect ‘Blow Out’ with a Hair Dryer

How to Create the Perfect ‘Blow Out’ with a Hair Dryer

The hair is every woman’s crowning glory. This much is obvious, especially if a woman has amazing hair. Getting the perfect hair for many means regularly going on trips to the salon to get that perfect “blow out” hair. It has perplexed women through the years why they can’t seem to replicate a professional’s “blow out”. Even if they invest in the best equipment, perfect blow-out hair is only seemingly within the realm of a salon. It can be disheartening because although the hair is indeed one’s crowning glory, not everyone has a queen’s budget to splurge on salon pampering.

Worry no more and get all the secrets to achieving that great blow-out look and have confidence with your hair each day of the year.

The following are just some ways to create the perfect “blow out” with a hairdryer:

1. Choose the Perfect Blow Dryer

Your blow out will depend on the quality of blow-drying equipment you have, so choose the best. A good hair dryer should be little and lightweight so it can be maneuvered around easily, and it won’t cause you to get exhausted after long minutes of blow-drying. It should have an 80 mile per hour motor, so hair will get dry fast and easily.

It should also have ion settings so you can style your hair and get customized blow-outs for your hair type. There should be a cold shot button that helps a style last longer, and a dual filtration system to cut back energy consumption. A long cord of at least 9 feet also makes the blow dryer immensely easier to use, especially for hard-to-reach areas of your hair.

2. Get the Right Hairbrush Ready

You need to use the proper hair brush to prepare your hair and use it when you blow-dry. You need a paddle brush for detangling and a round brush for styling and blow-drying. Round brushes work for any type of hair. If you have thin and fine hair, a round brush will help you volumize it; if you have curly hair, the round brush will make the hair smoother. Keep in mind that you should detangle your hair right before blow-drying it.

3. Take a Shower

How you wash your hair will make a huge impact on the outcome of your blow out. You need to choose the correct products to get optimum results. Get a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfur in products makes hair more likely to frizz and can be harsh on your hair. Look at the label, and it will show if the product is sulfate-free.

Water temperature also makes a difference and you have to make sure the water agrees with your hair type. If you have oily hair, you can go for hot water, but if you have dry hair, you should put on a cooler temperature. Colder water keeps the form of the moisturizer so you will be moisturized for a longer time. Flip your hair and apply a hair serum. Use a bristle brush to make sure the product is evenly distributed on your hair.

4. Divide Sections of Your Hair

Dry your hair using a medium setting and work on your hair in two- to four-inch sections. Pull each section out and blow dry it up to the hair shaft. Roll your brush underneath all the way up to the scalp. Hold the blow dry so it touches the brush with the hair moving it a little to circulate air.

5. Roll Your Hair

The dried section of your hair should be rolled completely and clipped into place. Leave a small section at the end of the coil before you clip it. This method adds bounce to your hair and gives it that salon-styled look.

6. Work on the Volume

Once you have finished drying and rolling the section, work on the front and top portions of the hair. Position the brush behind the section to create a fullness at the top. Finish it by rolling it up just like the other sections.

7. Final Tip

Your blow-out hair can last from two to seven days as long as you properly maintain it. You can even refresh your blow out by putting on a light finishing spray or a dry conditioner. This process will help the hair keep its shape. To maximize the time between washes, do not touch your hair too often. Oils and dirt on your hands can make your hair go limp and dry quickly.

Final Thoughts

Every woman wants the best hair possible. This is an easy thing to do with all the equipment that is readily available on the market. Proper know-how should be applied to get the best possible blow-out. For excellent results and to sharpen your skills, you can even try giving your friend or someone a hair blow out. This will enhance your skills and let you see what areas of the hair need focus so you will be better prepared when it is time to apply the procedure to yourself.

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