6 Steps to Apply Makeup for Beginners

6 Steps to Apply Makeup for Beginners

For many adult women, makeup is a must. Sometimes, for those who don’t use makeup, they don’t know how to do it properly. So, it is never too late to start learning and improving your makeup skills. Therefore, below we would show you 6 easy steps for beginner level makeup.

1Clean the face

Make sure your face is clean before using makeup. Clean your face with facial foam, then dry it by gently patting it with a dry towel. Afterwards, use a moisturizer that matches the type of your skin.


Foundation functions to help even out the color of the skin. For a more natural and even result, it is better to use a special brush for the foundation when applying it. Color selection on the foundation can’t be arbitrary because the key to good makeup is the selection of a foundation that matches your skin tone. Choose a foundation color that is one level darker than the color of your skin. You can also try to mix more than two foundations to look natural and doesn’t make you feel like wearing a mask.

3. Powder

For a more natural makeup, use a brush to apply face powder on your face.It makes your face look flawless and makes your makeup wearable throughout the day.

4. Eyebrow Pencil and Wand

Use an eyebrow pencil to frame the face perfectly. You can do this by shading slowly from the inside end to the outer ends of the eyebrows. Then brush them according to the direction of the eyebrow hair.

5. Blush

Apply blush on your fingers for a more natural result. If you are using a brush, pat it gently before applying it on the cheek. Be careful, use only a little blush to look natural; otherwise, you would end up like a clown. Choose natural colors like pink, orange, or peach.


Finally, use a lip moisturizer and apply natural colored lipstick such as peach, nude or soft pink.

After you are done with the last step, look at yourself in the mirror and acknowledge how beautiful you look. You could always play around with makeup to suit the occasions. Just remember that everyone starts from the beginner level then they learn bit by bit to become better.

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