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10 Biggest Summer Hair Trends of 2020


Summer is around the corner in case you’ve not noticed it’s coming. New season, a new world of trending summer hairstyles. So do you want to refresh your current hair in a trendy, stylish and eye-catching way? Do you want to get bangs or do you want to go blonde or brunette? Grow your hair or just shave it all off? Summer is the time for vacation, to travel, to go to sandy beaches with crystal clear water. So the hairstyles in this season should be fast, easy and sweat-proof, or no one’s wearing them. Knowing that facts, we’ve collected some of the hottest hairstyles that might become the biggest summer hair trends in 2020. Keep scrolling to get a preview of what will become really hot trend hairstyles in the next few months.

1. Messy Updo for Summer

If you are a fan of updo, don’t miss messy updo this summer, it’s easy to execute and the weather couldn’t agree more with you.

Messy-Updo-for-Summer 10 Biggest Summer Hair Trends of 2020

2. Braided Ponytail for Summer

The braided ponytail is an easy-to-achieve hairstyle while it will keep your hair neat,  and prevent the locks from falling out to your face.

Braided-Ponytail-for-Summer 10 Biggest Summer Hair Trends of 2020

3. Two-Toned Summer Hair Color

How gorgeous she is! With jet-black roots and ends against the all-over white blonde, her natural roots can grow throughout the summer. What a genius!

4. Tiny Summer Bob

If you are going for a low-maintenance vibe this summer, a tiny bob is pretty perfect. Since you can play up the volume of this trend with a wave spray or curling wand while still might enjoy the feeling of sweat-free neck.

5. Side-Parted Curls for Summer

Enjoy the coolest variation of curls for this summer.

6. Wispy Updo for Summer

By pulling out a few strategically placed loose hairs, you are making a trendy and intentional look.

7. Summer hair trends: Cabernet Red

This rich, shiny, so-dark-it’s-almost-brunette red of Zenday is worth-copying.

8. Glossy Summer Waves

This summer 2020 hair trend is like a softer, more low-key version of the wet-hair look.

9. Going Streaking

In 2020, this color will be on the more muted side, just like the pale pastels at the Rebecca Minkoff spring 2020 show

 10. Summer hair trends: Bob with Texture

Bob with texture is a classical haircut, and luckily with the right approach, it looks great on every face shape and hair type.

Bob-with-Texture 10 Biggest Summer Hair Trends of 2020



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