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Wedding Nails French Rhinestones Gems They Are Totally Popular Right Now

pink nail art nude nail art
pink nail art nude nail art

Wedding Nails French Rhinestones Gems They Are Totally Popular Right Now

How do you imagine a modern girl? Most often, this is the image of a self-sufficient and self-confident young woman, behind whom a train of expensive perfumes stretches and an even knock of high heels on office marble is heard.

Beautiful shiny hair, smooth velvet skin, perfect manicure, sophisticated jewelry – these are the details that help her look perfect.

The beauty industry has developed many devices to create a unique image. The best of them, undoubtedly, are rhinestones, which entered our life suddenly and irreversibly.

They decorated clothes, handbags, interior details and car accessories, but they look more elegant on the long nails of well-groomed female hands.

Modern manicure is a whole art. A variety of forms and limitless drawings, decor elements and options. Certain skills, patience and accuracy are needed to create a beautiful composition on the nail plate.

Creative masterpieces on artificial nails look best because they are stronger, longer and not afraid of damage. As you know, rhinestones come with a flat lower surface and cone-shaped. The latter are used only on extended nails, in which special holes are drilled.

Rhinestones are crystal, glass, acrylic, plastic and zirconium. Glass rhinestones are machine cut and unprocessed – simply stamped into shapes.

How are Swarovski rhinestones different from everyone else? They always have a round shape and a patented number of faces. They are made only of high-quality rock crystal, and a reflective film is applied to the lower surface.

The shine from such stones is like a diamond shine, which is the main value of the brand. Still rhinestones are transparent, color and hologram.

The latter shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow and are in great demand in the nail business. There are also other color effects, such as satin, metallic, with reduced transparency or hematite.

In any art, the rule of harmony works. The pattern on the nails should be neat, not bulky, look concise and combine with the main background of the coating. You can use large rhinestones on one finger or decorate all nails with small stones.

You should not use a lot of decor at once – for example, foil, acrylic molding, dry flowers. It will look too pretentious.

The trend remains the application of lace on the nails, which is decorated with sparkling rhinestones.

A light spider web on nails gives the image a tenderness and mystery. The material is applied with a special brush, with which real lace is glued, and small pebbles mysteriously flicker in the corners of the pattern. Such a manicure is often used for wedding ceremonies.

With the help of manicure, you can demonstrate the features of your character. Studded manicure with rhinestones, a photo of which is often found on the covers of magazines with celebrities, is not only distinguished by the design of rhinestones, but also by its semantic orientation as a whole.

These are no longer glamorous flowers – this is brutality in its purest form. Metal spikes on black glossy varnish look defiant … seductive. A girl with such a manicure needs a special approach, and a strong man will feel it.



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