Vietnamese Singer and Actress Yen Vi Home Sex Tape

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Vietnamese Singer and Actress Yen Vi Home Sex Tape

Vietnamese Singer and Actress Yen Vi Home Sex Tape

Yen Vy (born 1979) is an actress and singer Vietnam. In 2005 a movie scene of the room she was widely distributed.

Yen Vy Dinh Thoai Yen real name is Vy. In 1997 she won the title of runner-up in the competition prospects of the film Cinema of Ho Chi Minh City organization. She has participated in several films. Yen Vy also involved in the field of singing, but she is mentioned with a small scandal the composer Tran Minh Phi. Reply newspaper, Yen Vy proved to be a pretty serious: marriage fear scenes.

Early in 2005, a movie about 30 minutes of sex scenes and Yen Vy Phan Thanh Tong boyfriend was leaked on the Internet. This is the first time a movie “the room” of the artists were widely distributed in Vietnam. From a little known actor, Yen Vy appear across the surface and the mass media.

Yen Vy events causing the opposite opinion. Many people believe that Yen Vy is a man of immorality, loose living, as some advocate, she is the victim. In an interview, Yen Vy for theft and that she was back with his lawyer, Yen Vy Phan Thanh Tong sued

But only a short time later Yen Vy has been found to participate in a line-level prostitutes headed by Tran Thi Street. According to Yen Vy’s testimony, she had sex several times with rates from 700 to 1,000 dollars, even after the film was released, she went guests. Yen Vy was taken on the Vocational Training Centre for Women Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh concentrated in the recovery of human dignity. Some time later she returned local. In 2009, Yen Vi married.